Web-based Resume Management System

Business Requirements:

An online database to archive and store resumes received by the company. The database is for internal use only and would require access controls defining user permissions. There would be multiple repositories inside the database (example: Telophase resumes, general resumes, SAP resumes, archived resumes, etc.).  The database should allow users to upload resumes in to any repository. The user should also be able to move the resume from one repository to another by selecting on multiple resumes at one time. The user should also be able to mass upload a .zip file of resumes in to the database.

Upon upload the user can attach notes to the resumes for future reference using a comment box. Each resume should have the following required information filled out during user upload: date received and source (e.g. Craigslist, Dice, employee referral, and other). Upon successful upload, the database will automatically update the “date update” field.

Users can perform a Boolean search for keywords/phrases inside the resumes database. Additional search filters include: date received (range – from/to), date updated (range – from/to), candidate’s city of residence, salary requirements, and source.  Search results will display the number of hits for a searched word/phrase with the highest amount of hits up top. The results will also display the candidate’s name, the document type (.doc, .pdf, .txt), date of upload, date of update, and notes. User should also have the ability to preview or download the resume


RMS Features:

Resume Management System (RMS) allows efficient and intelligent management of resumes and applicants.

  • Collect, Categorize, and Store:
    • Upload resumes in centralized DB (single file or zipped folder)
    • Use tags, notes;
    • Create repositories and store resumes in appropriate repository.
  • Intelligent Search
    • Finding the right resource is easy and accurate.  Use ranking, weight, proximity search, etc. – all automated.
  • Manage Applicants, Archive Resumes & More …
    • Create candidate profiles, manage applicants, Archive.




Fore more details:

Contact us: sales@periscope-inc.com


Microsoft .NET 4.0 (C#)

SQL Server 2008 with full-text search

IIS 6.0 or 7.0

Download: RMS brochure

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