Task Order Management System

Task order management application (also referred to as “TOMS) manages the business processes from the initial task request (by customer), cost estimating, and task approval (by customer) in an efficient and cost effective manner.

TOMS is built as a secure web-based, web-accessible and role-based configurable task order management system.  System users are both internal contract staff as well as vendor’s contract customer staff.

The overall functions of TOMS are:

  • Entering, modifying, and maintaining task descriptions and automatically forwarding them through the government approval chain;
  • Maintaining and applying a database of cost factors including employee labor categories and rates, indirect burden factors, handling fees, etc., for the purposes of accurately estimating task costs;
  • Allowing administration of all the databases so that employee names, labor categories, rates, onsite/offsite status, date and size of salary increases, are all adjustable and sufficiently automated so that task cost estimates remain accurate;
  • Providing browse and search capabilities that enable users to view subsets of tasks and/or resources on the basis of sensible search criteria;
  • Generating reports that give snapshots of varying detail (depending on user access privilege) of task descriptions, cost estimates, and staff allocations;
  • Providing a document repository for monthly contract technical and financial reports, sorted by dates and task, and including rollups, so that government monitors can track contract performance.







Project Team:

  • 1 Project Manager (Periscope)
  • 2 Senior Developers (Periscope)
  • 1 Test/QA (Periscope)
  • 1 Program Manager (Client)
  • 1 Analyst (Client)
  • 1 Test/QA (Client)


  • Microsoft .NET 4.0 Entity Framework / C#
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Reporting Services
  • Windows Server 2008

Download: TMS features

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